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paranormalZone IE

website is currently under construction. thank you for your understanding!!! :) :O :)

i'm ben and it's MY job to searching the inland empire in california USA for paranormal or WEIRD sightings (ghosts, aliens, ghost orb, cryptids, vortex like in Oregon or midwest or other places, ley lines, gangstalkers, government intermediaries, men in black) I am searching every day and sometimes i will post on this site if i find something that i think is REALLY freaky :) I really really really hope you like my web site it's a labour of Love and i will use it for Good and not EVIL like some people i know!!!

i hope that you enjoy my special website i love you all and i hope that you have a nice time ! okay :) the guest book is gone but knowq that i still love you and that if you're here you can enjoy some images

if you want to it heres a link to a video of paranormal actuivity in :inland empire paranormal investigators